Plastic Custom Molding

If custom molded items are what you're looking for,
your search has ended.
Encore's Custom Molding division allows you to expect more from your supplier. We are a leading custom molder of injection molding, thermo and pressure forming, thin gage to thick gage.
We have in-house tooling and around-the-clock production capabilities to quickly move your project from concept to delivery. We
are capable of using many types of materials and producing small parts to large parts. And it you are looking for a custom color, well we will be able to help you with that.
Our operation has all the equipment available to package your product. From clam shells, blisters, to skin packaging.

More about...

Custom molding

  • Injection molding capabilities
  • Thermo forming capabilities
  • Pressure forming capabilities
  • In-house tooling
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